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Rubber Tie Down Straps

Rubber Tie Down Straps, Rubber Tarp Straps - China Manufacturer, Supplier

Product Name:Rubber Tie Down Straps

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Rubber Tie Downs Straps

Rubber tie down straps are available in 5 sizes 9'' 15'' 21'' 31'' and 41''. Customer's requirement is available.  These tie down straps have a 2" S-Hook on each end that makes them a very versatile tie down strap.

Rubber tarp straps can be used in a variety of tie down applications.  They are probably the quickest most versatile tie down strap that can be used for light duty applications. 


Rubber tarp straps are most commonly made from natural rubber but can be made from EPDM rubber as well. 

Natural rubber straps are a good all around strap while EPDM rubber straps handle moderate to hot climates better due to their ability to resist UV degradation. 


Rubber tarp straps typically have metal s-hooks on each end and can be stretched over or around an object to hold it in place. 


Be careful not to overstretch the tie down strap to avoid breakage and/or injury.


When using a tarp for moving it is also necessary that the proper tarp strap is utilized to ensure that the tarp is properly secured.

Tarp straps can be used instead of rope. Most pick up trucks have holes on the rim of the bed where rope could be tied for very light cargo.


Without the proper knowledge of tying a knot it is not recommended to use rope, as it is not strong enough to withstand the loads that most cargo apply.  Always keep in mind that a rubber tarp strap is meant for light duty tie down applications and should never be used to tie down a heavy load.

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