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Lifting slings, chain slings, webbing slings,round slings, polyester slings China manufacturer, supplier. Lifting Slings
Ratchet tie downs, ratchet straps, cargo lashing China Manufactuer supplier Ratchet tie downs
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Dawson Rigging Factory is one of the leading rigging hardware manufacturer and supplier . Which including rigging hardware, marine hardware, turnbuckle, shackle, wire rope clipsload binder, eye bolt and nuts , thimble, quick link, snap hooks, block, anchor, wire rope, grade 80 alloy chain accessories, alloy steel hooks, master linkconnecting linkect  More.....

Dawson Special Belt Factory is specialized in manufacturing the cargo control products, car trailer accessories, such as various types of ratchet tie down, ratchet straps assembly, web lashing, car lashing, flat webbing sling,  round sling, cloverleaf slings, panier slings, synthetic ropes, tow straprecovery straps, winch strap, nylon strap, safety harness, safety belt. More.....   


Qingdao Dawson ( Lifting & Rigging ) Industries Co. Ltd & Qingdao Dawson Import & Export Co., Ltd.  are Dawson's Subsidiary company, responsible for imported and exported business.


Dawson , so many years, closely working with 100 partner factories, supplies a range of industrial products that covers lifting, lashing, sling, rigging, marine, boating, yacht, mining, towing, construction, transportation, Oil, fishing and security applications.  More.....

Dawson are glad to make good trade companionship with you on a mutuality beneficial basis and serve you heart and soul including OEM products.

Our value is Brave challenger, never give up
Our spirit is Make it perfectly
Our goal is International, Technological, Professional



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Cloverleaf Slings, Polyester Round Slings, Webbing Webbing Slings, Shackles, Load Binders, Turnbuckles, Steel Wire Ropes, Ratchet Tie Down , Ratchet Strap Assemblies, Tow Straps & Winch Straps, Marine Anchors, G80 Connecting Links, Alloy Hooks, Marine Anchor Chain, Snap Hooks, Anchor Chain, Chain Hooks, Wire Rope Clips, Thimbles ,Stainless Steel Rings, Lifting Clamps, Spelter Sockets ,Quick Links, Eye Bolts & Nuts

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