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Lifting slings, chain slings, webbing slings,round slings, polyester slings China manufacturer, supplier. Lifting Slings
Ratchet tie downs, ratchet straps, cargo lashing China Manufactuer supplier Ratchet tie downs
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American Bureau of Shipping, classification society ABS Certificate


Dawson, now supplies a range of industrial products that covers lifting, lashing, sling, rigging, marine, offshore, mining, towing, transportation, construction, fishing and security applications...

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Webbing Slings, Round Slings, Ratchet Straps Fatory


Rigging Hardware & Marine Hardware Factory


Steel Wire Rope Factory


Steel Chain, Anchor Chain Factory
Marine & Ship Anchors Factory

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The manufacture,supplier factory of Rigging hardware, Marine hardware, Lifting slings, Cargo control products

Rigging Hardware

Turnbuckles, Quick Attach, Thimbles, Wire Rope, Toggles, Swage Terminlas, Rigging, Rings, Blocks, Swivels, Snap Shackles, Ratchet Buckles, Quick Release Pins.

Pad Eyes, U-Bolts & Eye Bolts

Folding Pad Eyes, Eye Straps, Lag Ring Bolts, Eye Screws, Lifting Nuts & Bolts, Square U-Bolts, more.

Chain & Accessories

High-Test, Proof Coil, Twist Link, Long Link, Jack, Safety, Grab Hooks, Quick Links, Connecting Links... all in Stainless Steel.

Stud Link Anchor Chain, Galvanized Long Link, Stainless Steel & Alloy, Pelican Hook Chain Stop, Ulster Type Chain Stop,

Spring Clips and Hooks

Harness Clips, Mooring Hook, Eye Snaps, Slip Hooks, Grab Hooks, Trigger Snaps, Bimini Clips, Fender Hooks, Bolt Snaps, more


D", Long "D", Anchor, Chain, Halyard, Twist, Stamped, Bow, Bolt Pin, Headboard...

Anchors and Accessories

Delta, Horizon Claw, Anchor Swivels, Anchor/Bow Rollers, Anchor Holders and Mounts, Chain Stoppers, Grapnel Anchor.

Stockless,U.S. Navy, Hall Anchors, , Byers, Union, Snug Stowing, AC-14, Pool N, Pool TW, Workboat, LWT, Moor fast, Bruce FFTS, Bruce Cast,

Stainless Steel Fasteners

Screws, Bolts, Nuts, Washers, Machine Screws, Lag Bolts, Key Stock, Staples, Rivets, and more

Ratchet Buckles

Includes buckle, nylon straps, and spring clips.

Stainless Trailer Parts & Accessories

Hitch Balls, Couplers, Trailer Winches, Safety Chain, Brackets, Square U-bolts, Rollers, Roller Pins, Lug Nuts, Pal Nuts, Tire Holder.

Wire Rope Fittings

Thimbles, Thimbles & Clevis, Open & Closed Spelter Wire rope Sockets ,Wire Rope Carpenter Stopper ,Proof Coil Chain ,Galvanized Long Link Chain, Grade 80 Alloy Fittings ,Chain Hooks ,Eye Hooks & Sorting Hook ,Wire Rope Clip Attachment ,Malleable Wire Rope Clips ,Stainless Wire Rope Clips ,Drop Forged Wire Rope Clips

Fist Grip Wire Rope Clips, Shackles, Turnbuckles, Stub End Turnbuckles & Bodies, Turnbuckle End Dimensions, Thimbles, Thimbles & Clevis, Open & Closed Spelter Wire rope Sockets, Eye Bolts, Drop Forged Swivels, Forged D-ring with Strap, Blocks and Sheaves, Mambo Shackle

Slings&Net &Rope


polyester webbing slings,flat web slings, cloverleaf lifting slings,polester web sling, flat slings,webbing strap,recovery strap, webbing sling, webbing strap, Duplex eye-eye webbing sling, Eye-eye webbing sling Endless webbing sling, widely and heavy duty webbing sling, multi-sling,flat webbing slings, tree straps, Double braid, recovery tow strap

polyester round slings,polyester sling, polyester belt sling, synthetic sling, round sling, synthetic webbing, endless slings, synthetic web slings,Tow Strap, recovery straps, Web Belt Sling, flat webbing sling, Synthetic webbing slings

polyester cargo lashings ,lashing systems , cargo lashing, ratchet tie down, ratchet lashing ,tie down, cargo restraint

tubular round ropes, braided rope, Diamond braid rope, starter rope, safety rope, climbing rope, rope ladders,braided rope

safety net, safety belt, cargo net, , building net, Ratchet lashing, nylon rope ladder, Industrial safety nets, cargo nets, docknets, climbin lines, cargo nets, ship mast nets, tube nets, solid braided rope, braided rope net, sports net,PE nets, safety net,scaffold net

rdware, Webbing slings, Round slings, Ratchet tie downs,Lifting straps ,Wire rope clips, Turnbuckles, Thimbles, Shackles,

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